Why Rescue the Belfield Theater?

The purpose of the Belfield Theater and Performance Center is to enrich, entertain, educate and engage our community with exceptional cinema and performing arts. The revitalization of the historic Belfield Theater will create a regional cultural center and a gathering place for community connectivity.

The Belfield Theater was the first theater in North Dakota to have a big screen. It was also the first theater to have Cinemascope Projection and Magnetic Sound, top of the line equipment in 1950. The owner also wanted top of the line seating so he inquired what type of seats Radio City Music Hall had and ordered the same chairs for the Belfield Theater.

On opening night the owner received several celebratory telegrams from several Hollywood actors, such as Ester Williams, Vaughn Vance, Red Skeleton and many more. The building was well built, primarily by the owner himself, who laid all of the brick. The building is styled in a simple art deco motif and boasts the original theater marquee that still works today.

In the past, the Belfield Theater has been the glue in connecting community members. Please help us keep this small town movie experience alive for other generations to enjoy. Donate today!


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